/ Literary activity

Literary activity


1926 – the building was built.

1939-1941 years – the house of the future wife of Tavlai – Kira Tawlay. It is home to Valentin Tavlai.

1970-1980 – adapted to accommodate various institutions of the city (medicine, sports and tourism department).

2010 – the opening of the literary department of the Lida Historical and Art Museum.

2014 – the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Valentina Tavlaya.

On February 8, 2014, a celebration was organized – the 100th anniversary of the birth of Valentina Tavlaya, to which the daughter of the poet Galina, his relatives were invited, as well as memorial plaques on the buildings of the editorial office of the Lida newspaper and the literary department of the Lida Historical and Art Museum. excursion “By Valentina Tavlaya”, the presentation of the book “Stages of life roads” was held.


Bust of Valentina Tavlaya, sculptor Igor Golubev, Minsk

Portrait of Valentina Tavlaya, (oil on canvas) artist Vladimir Melnikov, Lida

Authentic things (chandelier and penknife), which used in his time the poet



(historical reference)

Valentin Pavlovich Tavlai was born on 08/02/1914 in the city of .. Baranovichi.

Father is an active member of the Belarusian national liberation movement. His political views had a profound impact on the growing personality.

In 1925-1929 he studied at the Slonim Teacher’s Seminary and at the Vilnius Belarusian Gymnasium, from which he was expelled for political activities. In August 1929, he was arrested. After the revision of the case in 1930, by decision of the Komsomol underground, it is transferred to the BSSR, works at the editorial office of the newspaper Zvyazda, and studies at the evening department of the Faculty of Literature of the Belarusian State University. Since 1931. – Again under clandestine work in Western Belarus. In 1934, the asujwana was 8 years old. After liberation and before the Great Patriotic War he works in the editorial office of the Lida regional newspaper Vpered.

During the occupation, Tavlai is forced to leave Lida. In Novogrudok it is arranged for the post of assistant clerk of the commune. Working for the Germans, engaged in clandestine activities: he was the link of two partisan detachments. Since 1944 – the executive secretary of Novogrudok regional newspaper Zvyazda, since 1945 – research officer, deputy director of the Literary Museum Y. Kupala in Minsk. He planned to publish a collection of poems “Ways and bars”.

He was published in the newspapers “The Power of Labor”, “The Partisan Gigolo”, in the plagiarism “crushing the fascist hidzin” and in other publications.

Tawlai, like a poet, wrote not so much. Too unfavorable for artistic creativity was his life. But, though V. Tavlai wrote a little, the quantity is not a decisive criterion for assessing the legacy of the poet. What is important is that V.Tavlaya’s poems contain an assessment of the true talent.

April 27, 1947, at the age of 33, the poet dies. He was buried in Minsk.

February 8, 2014 Lidchina celebrated the anniversary of the poet – 100 years since his birth.


Literary Lidchina is numerous, multifaceted and multilingual, which leads from the Lida headman She Abramovich, who published the evangelistic “Catechism” in Vilnius (1598). In the next two centuries, the monks, natives of Lidchin and teachers of the Lida Peirskaga collegium were engaged in literary activity. In other pal. XIX century. interest in literature seeped into the environment of Lida large landowners. At the end of the XIX century. education penetrates into the Belarusian-speaking peasant environment, works appear in the Belarusian language. In the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Lidchin was born to writers who wrote in foreign and Belarusian languages. A significant number of lydchans came to the Belarusian-language literature. In different years in the territory of Lidchin lived: N. Koritsky, K. Narbut, Aunt, Adele with Ustroni, V. Tavlai, N. Taras, V. Korban, J. Misko, V. Kovalenko, N.Delyankovsky, S. Ostrovtsov.

And today Lidchyna has rich creative achievements, she has considerable spiritual potential. On its territory there are over 400 persons who created in due time and please with their works until today. Members of the NGO “Union of Belarusian Writers” are the natives of Lidzyn: D. Bichel, H. Lyalko, I. Bogdanovich, U. Klimovich, V. Pravdin, V. Vasko, A. Stadub, P. Makarevich, S. Sudnik. In the artistic life of the city, the literary association “Inflorescence” takes an important place in the editorial office of the Lida newspaper, whose members gather every third Wednesday of the month in the premises of the literary department (the house of V. Tavlaya) of the Lida Historical and Art Museum. The majority of participants of the group try their hand at poetry, devote their poems to native land, nature, love, memorable events. All this is contained in the pages of the periodical press, as well as in personal and friendly collections. Here, where once worked and lived Valentin Tavlai, meetings are organized with famous authors-fellow-countrymen and their books are presented.