/ Exhibition “Household items to the XIX – XX centuries.”

Exhibition “Household items to the XIX – XX centuries.”

Museums around the world have been operating for several centuries. Next to them go their own way collectors. Near, but not in step … Recently, we, museum workers, are concerned that among the collectors there have appeared so-called black diggers and collectors. This, strictly speaking, collectors without a soul. People who have two purposes: how can I buy the original source cheaper, so that then as much as possible to sell it. Most often, such a person is not interested in the history of origin, nor the legend, nor the fate of the subject. However, there are people like Andrei Fishbain, who are worried about the preservation of artifacts on the territory of the region. Andrei Gennadievich says that if you hold the object in your hands at least once, which left a mark in your soul with your legend, then you have a desire to get it in the collection. But not for their own purposes, but because this object should not leave the borders of the region. Because it is part of our culture and should belong to our children. And this, you see, is patriotism.

You can touch the material culture of the Lida region at the exhibition from the private collection of Andrey Fishbayn “Household items of the late XIX – early XX century.”