/ Nature of Lidchina

Nature of Lidchina

The permanent exposition “Nature of Lidčina” was opened on October 4, 2008. And since then, it pleases the people of Lidchan and the guests of the city to meet with the most interesting forest dwellers.

The exposition is divided into two halls. One shows the life of animals in different seasons: in winter, in spring, in summer and in autumn.

The second room shows different habitats of animals: meadow, field, water.

At the exposition you can meet with squirrels, wild boars, marten, los, badger, wolf, beautiful trot and many others.

You can admire both adult animals and their cubs.

The exposition was not visited by local birds: black ravens, goshawks, tits, bullfinches, geese, owls, gulls and ducks.

If there is a desire to learn about forest inhabitants and their lives more, our employees will be happy to tell about all the features of the wildlife of Lidčina during the excursion.

In addition, at the request of visitors, we showcase popular science films about the life of animals, birds, fish, reptiles and insects.