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Collection “Glass”

Since January 2015 the museum conducts a virtual review of the stock collection “Glass” under the name “Glass factory products will decorate any holiday”

It is quite natural that most of this collection of the museum is the products of the famous glassworks “Neman” in Beryozovka located in our region. To make the collection “not bored” on the shelves of the storage facility, the thematic mini-exhibitions from the items of this collection of different years will be regularly arranged for different dates of the calendar in the museum’s lobby.

To see these “bright brush strokes in the calendar calendar calendar” will now also visitors to the site virtually. The purpose of this series of exhibitions is to draw the attention of guests and residents of the region to the unique products of the glass factory “Neman” and to convince you that the art glass is always topical!

Admire, write reviews!

Yours faithfully the author of idea of art. researcher Nikiforov


Mini-exhibition “Winter”

At this exhibition the author’s works of the glass factory of different years met: touching works of the 70s of the XX century in the animalistic genre of the artist Zhokhov V. This is the composition “Birds are cold,” “Deer”, “Roe.” Already a dozen years old, the artist G.Sidorevich has created “Snowmen”. And the new guests of the holiday of the last years were “Pero”, “Clown”, “Santa Claus” by the artist Shetik S. The thematic composition was joined together by glass-snowballs (by the way, it is a clip for paper on the office table)

This company celebrated the New Year with us in January …

Mini-exhibition “The Day of Lovers”

To this holiday was made a selection of glass, which can already be called vintage. Set “Ruby”: a massive shape, rich color, a floral ornament of the decorative decoration of the outer surface of the kit, created in the 80th of the 20th century by the artist Myagkova LM. Today, this set is perfectly combined on topics with famous for the whole former Union “souvenir swans” of glass of different colors, different configurations. This souvenir was touched, bought on occasion to itself and friends. For functional purposes, these souvenirs were bought in order to “dilute the crystal” in the section. We bought them, of course, a couple …

What is not the symbol of a new holiday for us, “Valentine’s Day” ?!

Mini-exhibition “We are waiting for spring …”


Spring is the most awaited time of the year! So you want a sun, bright colors, emotions …

And while she’s only on the calendar, I’m giving you her little harbinger. This selection was made on an intuitive level: from the shelves of the storage facility I wanted to take all the brightest in color and please everyone who seemed to like this idea. Such an active in coloring products, glassworks began to produce with the advent of powder dyes on the market for glass, experts call their powder color. The method was developed back in the 1950s. His task is to improve the artistic and decorative properties of glass, giving them various optical effects. And this mini-exhibition is a clear example. One-color bright jugs of different sizes, with contrasting color handles, “create” a wonderful mood in the dining room; vases and decorative items with a rich color scheme will decorate any interior. Attracts the view dish, decorated in the technique of “watercolor spots”, it does not need to fill with something, it looks great on its own. Stylized fruits, a candlestick in the form of a bizarre flower give this composition dynamics. And only one item from this selection coquettishly hints at us about the femininity of spring holidays-an elegant souvenir boot (mini box for women’s trifles). It is worth the sunshine will touch these objects and that’s it, a bright spring mood!

Mini-exhibition “We are celebrating Easter joyfully”

The most important, great and beloved holiday for all Christians has always been the Great Easter, celebrated in honor of the Resurrection of Christ. To this holiday it is accepted not only to prepare spiritually, but also to decorate the house. Sharing the joy of all Christian confessions, an Easter “museum still-life” was composed of the author’s works of artists of the glass factory “Niemen”.

Christ is risen! Christ is risen!

The sun is shining from heaven!

The green forest turned green,

Christ is truly risen!

Spring has come – it’s time for miracles,

The spring is jolting – Christ is risen!

Lighter in the world there are no words –

Truly, Christ is risen!

The still life consists of a set of “Monastic”, the author of the Honored Artist of the BSSR Lyudmila Myagkova Myagkova. The kit, created in the 1990s of the 20th century, demonstrates to us the expressive artistic properties of smoky frosted glass. Embodiment of plastic design in an individual approach to the stylization of traditional folk dishes, perhaps, so it is possible to characterize this set of 10 subjects (here the treba pa-belarusku: in kamplekce paznayutstsa na abrysah vyalyka butlya, glinka, zbanki, miski, kubkі i charpak). This set is perfect for serving the table in the national style, will please the hosts and guests at the cottage and at home.

It is perfectly complemented by souvenir “Easter eggs”, alo-red color that gives a colored powder. But the dominant of this still-life is the sculpture of small forms “Sofia Polotsk”, created in the mid-1990s of the twentieth century by Honored Art Worker of the BSSR, Honorary Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts Vladimir Semyonovich Murakhver. This author’s work has been a brand souvenir of the glass factory and Belarus in general for ten years already. Famous artists, the couple Myagkov and Murokhver live in Berezovka, now on a well-deserved rest. And their author’s works, truly popular, impress and please us today!

Mini-exhibition “May 9”

Dear visitors of the site! We congratulate you on the Victory Day! How many years have passed since that happy May day, but still every year on May 9, the heart rejoices with joy and shrinks from sorrow! Veterans let always surround the love, respect and care of loved ones, so that your life is calm, happy and joyful!

This thematic composition was created precisely by the Victory Day in the late 80s of the 20th century, Honored Artist of the BSSR, artist of the glass factory (now on a well-deserved rest) Myagkova LM. Amazing glass material! Spiritualized! Even the stylization of metal objects can be conveyed using techniques of gutting, molding, free shaping.

Another beautiful author’s work was created in 1985 to the All-Russian competition, dedicated to the Victory Day by the glassworker’s artist, a member of the Artists’ Union of RBSaidarevich GM. Composition “Silence”. Pay attention to the decorative elements of this composition! I doubt that you guessed what kind of material … wire mesh! This is Galina Moiseevna’s patented authoring technique. This work took then 2 place (this is the scale of the entire post-Soviet space!)

Successfully complements the theme, I composed a composition of 2 vases “Tulips”, decorative red-green elements are made in the technique of colored nalepov.

The jar of blue-green glass is not a product of the glass factory “Neman” is an exception. Such products for the needs of the front were produced back in the First World War, but I really wanted to show you this subject, recently donated to the museum by the collector A. Fishbayn.

I wish you a peaceful sky!

Mini-exhibition “Summer is the brightest time of the year! “

Leave, impressions, natural colors and a sea of ​​positive emotions … My collection from the collection “Art Glass” this time was made not only in color, but in view of summer motives, associations. I took from the shelves and made the museum still lifes at my own discretion, variations can be a great variety and each time this is a new reading of the author’s works of artists glass factory. Admire!

Let’s start with the retro. Fish souvenirs, fish-decanters, decorated with bright watercolor stains. They were produced in the 70s of the twentieth century, then such objects were also called “petty bourgeois”, but they “adorned” the “grayness” of everyday life, “quarreling” in a sideboard or cupboard with faceted glasses by V. Mukhina ….

Decorative souvenirs-fruit, they are created on the glass factory for more than a decade, every year the collection of “fruits” is replenished with new items (“Apple”, “Grusha”, “Grapes”, and recently there were delightful “Strawberries”), although they are called objects consumer demand of retail trade, but certainly use in the design of art exhibitions of glass. And the “fruits come alive, work” fruit only in the still-life. Agree, such a set is a wonderful summer present!

Beautiful dishes of everyday use began to appear on sale after we had a summer residence. At first we took out everything that had already served in the house, but soon realized that the dacha was not only 0, 7 acres of beds, but also quiet summer evenings with friends and family. And thanks to the artists of the glass factory, who literally decorated our country life with you, having developed a wonderful assortment of really nice, bright and intricate utensils for the country life. In my presentation a set for compote, it was not possible to find out the author’s name, I will take the liberty to call it “Mint”. I know that the artist LM. Myagkova developed in the 80 years another set with this name. It is presentable, exhibition, prim and massive. I only used the same name in free order. Decorative watercolor stains on the surface of the compote and puzatenky mugs of azure-beige hues create a feeling of coolness on a hot day.

Another set probably was not developed by the kit, separate vases with decorative nalepa in the form of pedicels with leaves on the lids were created. I would call this group “Tasting jam”. A simple colorless glass and color spots on the surface.

Souvenirs animalistic genre, perhaps, the most purchased goods today and always. It’s just impossible to remain indifferent! The decorative effect is achieved with a colored powder (we spoke about it earlier) and with small-relief embossed handmade work. The result is very touching images, look at “God’s Cows” or “Cowboy”, “Snail”, “Frog”.

Pay attention to the fresh author’s ideas-a still-life in the marine style from the vase and souvenir fish. Fishes are the most popular motif of style, the so-called Murano glass. Very stylish and will have to moron fans …

In continuation of the marine theme, the chamber composition, which won me at first sight, was “The Pearl in the Sink.” The uniqueness of the idea lies in the fact that for the decoration of the interior this “shell” can be laid out either face or back, depending on the mood. The surface of the products with cutting irrigation has iridescent overflows. The products are heated in a muffle furnace in a vapor atmosphere of a mixture of stannous chloride, strontium nitrate and chlorine barium, which, when deposited on the surface of the article, firmly connect with it and impart different shades with overflows. As a result, we see a stylized mother-of-pearl shell with a pearl, which in winter will remind you of the holiday and the sea ….