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  • / Cultural and educational project “Lida Castle: past and present”

    Cultural and educational project “Lida Castle: past and present”

    The following blocks of activities are included in the project:

    1. Excursion service:

    -Sightseeing tour “Zamak Gedemina – a monument of architecture of the XIV century”;

    2. Exposition-exhibition activity:

    – Photo exhibition “Archaeological finds of the Lida Castle”. On the basis of the exhibition the museum and pedagogical lesson “School of Archeology” is held;


    3. Other activities:

    – Souvenir shop – realization of author’s medieval souvenirs and themes, as well as master classes of artisans of Lidchina;

    – Cognitive and entertaining quest “The Cloak of the Lida Castle” (search for treasure in the Lida Castle, an architectural monument of the XIV century, a legend about the gold and values of Khan Tokhtamysh);

    – Musical sketches – concerts of medieval music, master classes on learning medieval dances;

    – Fire festival – participation of fire brigades from various cities of Belarus and neighboring countries;

    – Mini-buhurts, knight festivals, knight shows – participation of knight clubs of medieval reconstruction both from Lidsk and other cities of Belarus;

    – Games and fun – the participation of knight clubs and animator groups.