/ My lyre lives again.

My lyre lives again.

Lidchina is a talented region. This is the place where a significant part of the representatives from the creative circle appeared, including artists, sculptors, musicians and, of course, masters of the beautiful word – writers.

Belarusian writer Aloiza Pashkevich, known under the pseudonym of Aunt. The creativity of this writer is widespread both on the territory and outside of Belarus. There is an opinion that the Aunt in 1915 founded the first legal Belarusian school in Lida.

And Aloiza Pashkevich was born in the territory of the Lida County in 1876. In the literary department (the house of V.Tavlaya) of the Lida Historical and Art Museum there is an exhibition “My lyre is alive again!” A sculpture of Aunt from the museum’s funds is made, made of plaster by the well-known sculptor Andrei Zaspitsky in Belarus, as well as art works of students from the Lida Children’s Art School, dedicated to the writer’s work.

In addition, visitors will see copies of family photos, cover collections of countrywomen and once again remember her famous works or excerpts from them.

Get into the Aunt’s atmosphere will help the violin, as one of the then-symbols in the writer’s work and pen from the inkwell, as its main attribute.

On the basis of the exhibition, it is planned to hold events that are aimed at spreading the mother tongue among children and young people, since Aloiza Pashkevich has been striving for this.

Aunt waiting for visitors!