/ “Contemporary art of the region”

“Contemporary art of the region”

The exposition “Contemporary art of the region” is a unique document of the epoch, which presents the works of contemporary artists of Lidzyna, both natives and those whose creative and life path are connected with our region. Through these works the visitor will get acquainted with the collections of fine arts of the state institution “Lida Historical and Art Museum”.

Your attention is offered more than 100 copyright works, placed in the sections “Painting”, “Graphics”, “Sculpture” and “Decorative and Applied Art. Art glass ».

Creative people see the light in a special way, hence the variety of artistic styles and techniques, as they emphasize the author’s own view of reality.
Thus, we seem to look with his eyes, understand him, become closer to the creator. This exposition as a kaleidoscope, where quite unexpectedly neighbors with each other are very unlike each other’s works. It happens in life, when one event follows another, but between them there is an invisible, strong inner connection between the artists of one land. Each episode of our life, every life phenomenon, leaves a trace, sound in the soul. At some point these tracks are realized in artistic images and art reveals the inner wealth of the creators before us, bestows with interesting and subtle feelings, enriches our spiritual world.